Facts, Figures, and Testimonials

"Your contributions don't just fill in where extras are needed, they are the core of what we have to lend to students."

—Anne Carey, Librarian
Duggan Middle School
Springfield, MA

  • Over $50 million dollars worth of books and computers donated and counting!
  • Over 2 million books and computers shipped to rebuild school libraries devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and for other disasters, including floods, tornados and arson.
  • Over $3.5 million-dollars-worth of books, computers, tablet computers, e-readers,
    and school supplies donated to the Navajo Nation, Hopi Nation, Red Lake Indian Nation, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, San Carlos Apache Reservation, and other areas serving Native peoples.
  • Over 600 under-resourced schools across the US have received books from the Reader to Reader Book Donation Program.
  • Major initiatives in Bridgeport, Connecticut; Louisiana, rural Mississippi, Detroit, Michigan; Massachusetts; Maine; the Navajo Reservation; and Compton, California.
  • Rural community library initiatives in Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.
  • All books provided completely free of charge, including shipping.
  • Over 1,400 students across the United States participate in our Read, Think, Share mentoring program.
  • Computer labs built on the Navajo Reservation, western Massachusetts, New York City, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago and Kosovo.
  • Family Literacy Programs for immigrant parents and teen mothers in Holyoke and Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Blueprint for Success Program brings college test prep and essay writing workshops to low-income students in Massachusetts, Arizona and New Mexico.
  • We continue to supply books, computers, e-readers, and school supplies to projects serving 21 countries!

"Reader To Reader is such a simple idea and such a farsighted one - provide books for students of all ages who don't have them. I can't think of a worthier endeavor or one that will have a more profound effect."

— Norton Juster, author
The Phantom Tollbooth

"Bringing books and readers together is, in my opinion, holy work. Reader To Reader does such work quietly and effectively. Thank you."

— Julius Lester, author
Newbury Honor Medal & Coretta Scott King Award Winner

"You have sent many more books to us in the past month than we would have been able to buy in a year. I really look forward to opening the packages. This has become a very personal connection for all of us. One of my students actually shook my hand when I gave him a paperback horror story. Some of the kids here never get to own a book. We really do appreciate everything you do for us. "

—Carla Clauschee, librarian
Navajo Pine High School
Navajo, New Mexico

"Although we have received many donations in the past, your project is the first to seriously try to match the donated books to the needs of our library. You even check the online catalog in order to reduce needless duplication! "

—Judith A. Campbell, Dean of Library Services
Holyoke Community College
Holyoke, MA

"Thanks for filling our library with good and needful books. You're the greatest for looking out for us! The students of John Essex will be sending you their thanks. "

—Loretta F. McCoy, Principal
John Essex School
Demopolis, AL

"With online connections now present in most urban schools, we've got one half of the personal 'mentoring' program in place. David Mazor's Reader To Reader project now completes the formula, providing top-notch college students as mentors via the Web and email. What the program accomplished with motivating Native-American youths while connecting them to college-age mentors 3,000 miles away is one of those unsung success stories that deserves national recognition. It begs the question: Why isn't it being adopted by other cities and rural districts across the nation?"

—Jim Trelease
Noted literacy advocate and author of The Read-Aloud Handbook

"It is extremely heartwarming that you are coming to our aid in our time of need. I am completely floored and it brings me to tears. Our hearts will be touched forever."

—Pandora Mike, Principal
Mesa Elementary School
Shiprock, NM

"Education is the key to preparing our children for the challenges of the future, and I thank you and your organization for your outstanding efforts to improve the resources of New Mexico's schools."

—Ben Ray Lujan, United States House of Representatives