Computer Donations

The Computer Donation Program donates refurbished Dell and Apple computers with flat screen monitors to schools with strong need for access to technology. The computers are donated and refurbished by Amherst College and have been serviced by their IT department to be completely ready to run right out of the box. Computer labs have been built on the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Nation, western Massachusetts, Ghana, Kosovo and Trinidad & Tobago. Individual computers have been donated to projects in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Beginning in 2014, we also donate e-readers, including Amazon Kindles and Barnes & Noble Nooks, to select program recipients.

"Thank you for our wonderful computers in our film class and computer lab. The donation has made it possible to build and equip a computer and film lab. Every student and staff member will benefit from this generous donation."

--Navajo Pine High School
Navajo, New Mexico


*We are not currently accepting computer donations from outside sources.