International Programs

Reader to Reader is pleased to have donated books and computers to the following international projects.

Beyond el Campo
Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

This program built a community library and runs literacy programs for all ages. A locally-run immersion language program supports the library in this rural coffee-farming village.

Find their website here.

Fisnik Matoshi Library
Pristina, Kosovo

This project helps the Gjergj Fishta School create a library where students feel welcome and are inspired to read. The goal is to fill the library with books, and provide the students with computers and school supplies.


Ghana Book Project
Multiple locations

Reader to Reader helps primary schools set up resource centers which include libraries and computer labs. We also provide large textbook donations to universities across Ghana.

Esperanza                                                    San Jose, Dominican Republic

The public education system in the DR does not provide specialized support for students with special needs. Esperanza is an afterschool tutoring and support program for these students, helping them achieve higher levels of education by providing caring, individualized learning assistance.

Hope of Haiti
Petionville, Haiti

This project ( is 100% community-run effort to bring education to the children of Petionville, Haiti. A building, books, uniforms, sponsorship and other resources will be provided.


To Mother, With Love
Ikenne, Nigeria

To Mother, With Love aims to implement a sustainable reading center in Ikenne for illiterate women. We provide both age appropriate and culturally relevant books, and involve the Ikenne community at large by employing locally.

Growing Leaders Program
Trinidad and Tobago

The Growing Leaders Leadership Program ( is working to inspire the next generation of young leaders in Trinidad and Tobago. Reader to Reader is donating computers so they can put them in over 60 schools.

Reading Village

Reading Village ( is an outstanding non-profit organization based in Boulder, CO that promotes children's literacy in Guatemala.


Podcasts for Peace
Managua, Nicaragua

Podcasts for Peace ( is a social justice community center
that helps young adults become activists and leaders as they enrich
the lives of children across three focus areas: Creative Expression,
Literacy and Life Skills. and Health and Wellness.

The Lifespring Center
New Seemapuri, India

The Lifespring Center is an alternative learning center for children ages 5-18 who live in the slums. The Lifespring Center puts an emphasis on non-violence and tolerance and teaches these values to their students. In addition to academics, the center also teaches the students about hygiene and sustenance.

Himalayan Education Foundation
Chaukori, India

HEF aims to provide a solid foundation for resolving the fundamental needs of the people of the remote villages of the Indian Himalayas through strategic and valuable educational incentives. For more information, visit


The Young Writer's Project
Nairobi, Kenya

This project was created to encourage a new generation of writers to rebuild the intellectual and creative community of Kenya after an unjust and oppressive government exiled or executed all its writers. Two Amherst College students developed the project,beginning with a creative writing workshop in the summer of 2010. View their final products here: 

Ndanga High School- WriteMe
  Honduras Book Project

Bridging Mostar Youth
Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Rebecca Davis Dance Company leads a dance and English language program for the children at Egipatsko Selo, the local community orphanage. A large part of their library was destroyed by a flood in 2012. Reader to Reader provides books for the orphanage. Read more:

Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe
WriteMe aims to create a culture of reading and writing among youth in Zimbabwe through a creative writing competition. Participants across Zimbabwe will have the opportunity to have their work published online. The project has a future goal to install public libraries in communities across Zimbabwe.

Honduras Book Project
La Entrada, Honduras

Reader to Reader provides books and e-readers to the school in La Entrada.

Monterrey, Mexico

Mexico Book Project
Monterrey, Mexico

Centros Educativos Kipi-kipot, a school in Monterrey, receives books in English for their young children to learn English while in school.

Benab Foundation

Dedicated to improving the health, the standard of living and the education level of the Guyanese people.


Togo, West Africa

An ecovillage project creating a thriving model for sustainable community development through cross-cultural creativity and collaboration.

South Andros Library Project

Working to create a library on the rural island of South Andros.

Kusikuy Project

Supplying children's books to the mothers in a community-based
sustainable knitting project.



Additional countries receiving donations:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines