Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has year-long, single-day, and summer programs for high school students to explore their college options, prepare for standardized tests, and get a head start on their college applications. This multi-faceted program promotes not only preparedness but a deeper understanding of college life, academics, and finding the right school, showing them that college is a real and tangible option. Participating students have been accepted at include Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Stanford University, Pomona College, Trinity College, and many other fine schools.
“Thank you for a fantastic four weeks! I'm feeling a lot more prepared to apply to colleges, and more confident in applying to higher-level schools.” —Student Springfield, Massachusetts
Each week of the student program features SAT or ACT preparation lessons and activities, college search coaching, and essay writing workshops – with a practice test at the end of each week and college campus visits to help students get a first-hand experience of area schools. Results from the student sessions have shown greatly increased both test-taking skills and confidence in applying to college, along with significantly higher SAT and ACT scores. Taught by experienced teachers with background and training in standardized test and subject matter skills, the multi-week program promotes the skills and knowledge needed to pursue higher education and build a portfolio of resources, information, materials, and college vocabulary to support the college application process. Small group exercises and larger workshops focus on test-taking strategies, scholarships, and more.

small group

“Our teachers were amazing and more than willing to help us out at all cost. I am truly grateful to them, their patience and guiding hand.” —Student Springfield, Massachusetts
While students pursue their college goals, a series of parent classes helps families support their future college students. Financial aid workshops assist parents who may not have attended college to understand the process by which their children can gain essential financial support for their education. They also learn how they can support their students through high school.