Springboard Program

The Springboard Program brings Five College students into the world of non-profit work through the development and implementation of their own international or domestic literacy project. This program guides students through the entire process, teaching them the skills necessary to lead their own literacy project and giving them unparalleled leadership opportunity.

If you are interested in improving education and literacy, consider Springboard. Within this program you will find the skills and support you need to enact real change in the world.

How It Works

Five College students with ideas for supporting global literacy apply to The Springboard Program, which trains and supports the students and their projects through completion. Reader to Reader will provide significant resources to aid the project's success, including monetary and in-kind donations, institutional support, and publicity. A large portion of the work belongs to the student, but with the assistance of Reader To Reader staff, students will find they can balance their project with classes and other activities.