Application Process

Application Process

Applications are due in full on October 28. After review of the applications, invited candidates will be offered an interview before a panel of RTR staff. Interviews will be conducted by appointment. Accepted applicants (now Project Initiators) will be notified by November 21.

An introductory meeting on November 30 will familiarize Project Initiators with the office, the staff and the program. At this time, Project Initiators will be asked to sign a legal contract stating their commitment to their project and ability to meet all requirements, as well as stating the commitment that Reader To Reader is making to them. Project Initiators are required to attend introductory training over the following Interterm and to continue the development of their project throughout the spring semester. Fund-raising occurs throughout the process, and funds will be kept separate in the Reader To Reader accounts. Project Initiators must also design a unit specific to their project, to further their education regarding all details of the country and community they have selected. Summer work may be needed, though we are happy to coordinate with pre-existing summer plans. That decision will be made jointly by the Project Initiator and the Directors. Should any Project Initiator be unable to continue the project for any reason Reader To Reader will view any funds garnered through their project as unrestricted and reserves the right to cancel the project. Implementation occurs when appropriate to individual project and projects must be completed within 18 months of acceptance.

Download the Application here (pdf).


October 28 - Applications due; Review begins
November 1 - All applicants will be notified of their status; interviews will be offered at this time
November 8-12 - Interviews conducted by appointment
November 21 - Applicants are notified by 5pm
November 30- Evening meeting with all accepted applicants
January 3-21 - Interterm training