Past Projects


Peace through Literacy: Ting’ang’a Library Project--Jemimah Kamau,
Mount Holyoke College Class of 2016

Ting'ang'a, Kenya

Created the first public library in Ting'ang'a, a rural village in
Kenya. The project gives access to quality reading materials and
computers to pupils from four neighboring primary schools in Central



Benab Foundation- Elson Dale Low, Amherst College Class of 2015


Through the creation of the Benab Foundation, Elson Low has
implemented a volunteer summer teaching program that works to boost
English and math scores for students attending Guyana's Secondary High



WriteMe- Courage Matiza, Amherst College Class of 2015

Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe

WriteMe develops English proficiency as well as reading and writing skills for high school students through a writing competition, which awards students with waivers for testing fees. The project also builds school libraries.



Creative Textbooks- Ye Won Maing, Amherst College Class of 2015


Ye Won is writing and illustrating an innovative new textbook to teach children English in Burma/Myanmar. Learning English is required, but current pedagogy emphasizes rote and drills which are not successful for most students. Ye Won's textbook fosters critical thinking, engaging discussions and incorporates multiple disciplines.



To Mother With Love- Germaine Habell, Amherst College Class of 2013

Ikenne, Nigeria

To Mother, With Love implemented a sustainable reading center in Ikenne for illiterate women. The project provides both age-appropriate and culturally relevant books, and involves the Ikenne community at large by employing locally.

Esperanza- Melissa Aybar, Amherst College Class of 2014

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Esperanza brings special education support and tutoring for struggling students in the Dominican Republic, whose schools have no special education programs whatsoever. Teaming with local teachers and families, this after-school support program works with young children and adolescents to enhance their learning opportunities.



Hope of Haiti- Haeinn Woo, Mount Holyoke College Class of 2011

Petionville, Haiti

This project ( is 100% community-run effort to bring education to the children of Petionville, Haiti. Tuition sponsorship, books, uniforms,  and other resources are provided.

Podcasts for Peace--Mika Kie Weissbuch, Mount Holyoke College Class of 2011

Acahualinca, Managua, Nicaragua

Podcasts for Peace is a youth-focused community center that enriches
the lives of over 400 young people in Acahualinca, Managua, Nicaragua.
A rich variety of programs engage children’s curiosity, kindness, and
creativity, while developing the leadership potential of adolescents
through collaborative community engagement.



Beyond el Campo- Caitlin Scudder, Amherst College Class of 2011

Santa Cruz de Leon Cortez, Costa Rica

This program built a community library and runs literacy programs for all ages. A locally-run immersion language program supports the library in this rural coffee-farming village.