Who We're Looking For

Above all, the program is looking for students (Project Initiators) who are reliable, accountable, and passionate about making change. Students must be enrolled in one of the Five Colleges of Western Massachusetts and prove their competency for this program. Ideal candidates will be motivated, energetic, charismatic, creative, and patient. Candidates should have previous leadership experience or demonstrate leadership potential. Candidates should be proficient in both long-distance communication and computer-mediated communications. Candidates must have the ability to learn and take constructive criticism, as this program is designed to develop and improve their business and professional skills. Acceptance is contingent upon the applicant's ability to participate in RTR activities and programs beyond the program.

Students who are interested in applying should know that the program specifications are weighted towards those who have competency in the spoken language of their chosen region, have forged connections with community members and subject experts, can effectively relate the need of their project and have experience with the issues at hand, and have visited or will visit their project region. Students for whom these are not true are still welcome to apply.