Project Requirements

Projects must provide educational resources to an under-served population. "Educational resources" is a purposely vague term that could include computers, internet connection, backpacks, notebooks, or even reusable menstrual pads to help girls attend school regularly.

Projects must significantly contribute to the literacy of that target population, strengthening the community within which it works.

Projects must be well thought-out, practical plans with concrete goals and methods to improve and support a target community.

Projects should be implemented and completed within 18 months of acceptance into the program.

Projects must arise from a locally identified need and be appropriate to local culture. In other words, the target population must approve of the proposed project and its representatives should be active partners in its implementation.

Projects must be located in areas we can safely work in. Violent or non-sovereign regions may not be approved.

Projects will be funded through grant-writing, fundraising and other activities by the Project Initiator with the support and resources of Reader To Reader.